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CPSM, Inc deeply appreciates our shareholders. Here are the relevant contact details for shareholder relations and information. 

Transfer Agent:

Island Stock Transfer  

​​Telephone: +1.727.289.0010

Fax: +1.727.289.0069

Email: info@islandstocktransfer.com 

Postal: 15500 Roosevlet Boulevard, Suite 301, Clearwater, FL 33760


​Corporate Correspondence:

Corporate Inquiries: 2740 SW Martin Downs Blovd., Suite 171, Palm City, FL 34990

Telephone: +1.772.236.8494

Email: info@cpsm-inc.com

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A Message to CPSM's Customers and Shareholders

Thank you for your interest in CPSM's Code of Ethics and Business Conduct. We understand that our customers trust us with a significant portion of their home or business and that our success is dependent upon maintaining and enhancing the value of that property. That is why our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct has been in place for many years and, although revised from time to time, continues to serve as the cornerstone of our business.

Our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct is more than an expression of our commitment to integrity. It represents the guiding values of our organization and helps to instill ethically sound behavior and accountability among all CPSM Employees. We diligently educate employees about our standards, safety procedures, technical advances and provide them with an open door policy to ask questions or report concerns. Every employee, including me, certifies compliance with our standards annually. We hold one another accountable because we understand that our reputation is fundamental to our success and your enjoyment.  

We believe that you want to conduct business with an organization that values honesty and integrity, not only because the law requires it, but also because it is the right thing to do. At CPSM, our ethical standards have always been set higher than the law requires. We are proud of our ethical heritage and I am personally committed to maintaining these same high standards in the years to come.

Lawrence Calarco
Chairman / President